How I Use Dubsado to Give My Clients an Awesome Photography Experience

I’m a part-time business owner. I go to a full-time gig that I love, but I am with my small photography business I have an opportunity to use my creative brain to photograph beautiful people and cute cows! Mixing business and creativity can be difficult. That is why I use Dubsado to give my clients an awesome photo session experience!

I learned the hard way about all that “business background noise!” These things include accounting, contracts, invoices, client contact information, taxes and all kinds of stuff that I know very little about…

I really don’t like to deal with this stuff. I really LOVE to take photos and write. How do I get around this and give myself some breathing room?

Enter Dubsado. (Dub-sa-do) Dubsado is a client management system with a ton of power behind it. This means I can store client contact information (rather than in a notebook). It allows me to enter my invoices in a few clicks. It gives me the opportunity to send out contracts my clients can sign digitally (instead of printing, signing, scanning and emailing!)

I found Dubsado exactly a year ago and it has helped me automate a number of parts of my business! The beauty of it is that this system is for ANY BUSINESS! If you need to track your accounting, Dubsado has you covered. Looking for private client portals… donezo. Need a streamlined way to email new leads templated emails? You. Got. It.

For My Clients

If you have ever worked with me, you know what’s up with my contact system. I want all of my clients to enjoy an easy process to communicate with me, and Dubsado is what helps me do that.

I have set up workflows that allow me to give clients all the details about working with me for a photo session, sign contracts, pay invoices and deliver their galleries. I love having everything with my clients all centralized and it makes life so easy as a business owner.

For My Sanity

When I took accounting in college I passed with a C-. It wasn’t that I was bad at math, but my overall disinterest. I’m not disinterested in building my business, but I just wanna take pretty photos!

In addition to hiring an accountant to help with my business accounting/taxes, I use https://www.dubsado.com/?c=alyssabloechlDubsado to track my income and expenses for my work. It is the only place I need to keep track of my cash flow, and it is so easy. It makes charts and goals and graphs. I LOVE graphs!

The Developers

When I signed on for Dubsado last year, there has not been a problem they couldn’t help me solve. Their customer support is top notch. They have tons and tons of blogs and resources for you to read so you can use the system to best fit your style. They will even help you set up the automated workflows! Each feature they roll out is done with excitement, because the suggestions typically come from their users!

Basically, if you need help, they will help you! Plus, there is a Facebook group where you can search any topic and find answers!

Joining the Dubsado Community

If you are at all interested in learning more about Dubsado or would like to explore using this system for your own business, please use my referral link to get 20 percent off your first month! WHAT? Here is the link: https://www.dubsado.com/?c=alyssabloechl

If you want to use this system, have questions or want to know more about how it works as a client of mine, please ask! I’m happy to help!

Thank you Dubsado! And Happy 3rd B-Day!

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