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Three Easy Steps to Care For Your Houseplants

Do you have plants that are looking a little sad and lonely? Are you watering your plants but they do not seem to be thriving like they should (or that Instagram makes you think they should?) I’m here to help! I have three easy steps to care for your houseplants!

First, a disclaimer…. I am not a plant expert. I am a hobbyist with my plants and garden, but I have learned a lot from my parents and grandmothers about caring for growing things. Plus, I also like to be as lazy as possible. HENCE: Three Easy Steps to Care for Your Houseplants!

ONE: Water: Once a week.

“MOST” lil’ plant babes only need a soaking of the good ole’ H20 once a week. Rule of the “green” thumb: Get that soil covered in water and leave it.

Tip: Set an alarm on your phone to go off once a week when you’re usually home. Have a watering can under the sink for easy access. Perfect recipe to ensure your plants keep on photosynthesizing.

TWO: Prune: Get your snippers!

Since you’re already checking out the plants for watering, check and see if there are dead or dying leaves/petals. If there are, pinch or cut them off with CLEAN clippers (no diseases for our plants).

Tip: Please don’t use your kitchen scissors (get a special pair from the store/Amazon.) If a whole leaf isn’t dead, you can just clip the brown. Makes the whole thing look better!

THREE: Dust: Plants breathe through their leaves, keep ‘em clean!

When you’re doing your regular dusting, wipe off your plants to the best of your ability. All you need is a damp rag. No chemicals please! (The planties thank you.)

Boom! You just became a more caring plant parent. Time to celebrate!

OK, just a note, these are the MOST basic care instructions. Keep in mind, each plant is special. Use that Google monster to look up more in-depth care details about your plants. Each is different with different care needs. Other than ensuring your plants get some sun rays, you should not have to do much more than the above actions all that often. (I didn’t include your plants getting sun, as it’s mostly a given.. If you didn’t know that, now you do!)

REVIVAL: If you’re unsure about why a plant is not thriving, here are a few ideas on what to do to revive it!

ONE: Gently check the root system.

If your plant is drying out very quickly after watering or it just doesn’t look good. Gently pull up the plant by the base. If the stems near the dirt are squishy… your plant is pretty gone… sorry.

If your stems are good, but the roots are way overcrowded (running all over one another that the bottom is hardly dirt) the plant has outgrown its pot. All you need is a bigger pot and potting soil. Get it a new home asap!

TWO: Start a fertilizing regimen.

One time a month is all ya need. Find a plant fertilizer from you local greenhouse and follow the instructions. I HIGHLY recommend going to a greenhouse for this, instead of the interwebs or chain store, as they usually have their own mixes which are so effective! (Their plants look dank for a reason!) I use fertilizer from Sharkey’s Floral and Greenhouses in Crivitz, WI! It is amazing!

Now I think this is more than enough basic information for anyone who wants to care for their green friends a little better!

I love plants and want to get more into my house soon! Please tell me what plants you own and how you care for them! I want all the details and I want to learn more! (I have lost a few babies over the years… my poor bamboo and cacti…Read about my failures here!)

I hope these three easy steps to care for your houseplants is helpful!

Happy Planting Pals!

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