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Downtown Green Bay, WI Family Photos | Scriven Fam

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” 
Michael J. Fox

Ok, it feels like it has been ten years since I took these photos, but it has only been like a few months. (Sorry Matt and Terri, you know I love you!) Don’t be alarmed, this fam GOT their photos a while ago, I’ve just been too busy to get them out for the whole world to see!

Full disclosure, this is Eli’s brother’s family (one of them :)) So, I’m about to get a little sappy talking about them. 

I met this fam SIX years ago in the middle of summer at a softball game. Holy guacamole. The kids have seriously grown up so darn fast, it blows my mind. I was so nervous to meet Eli’s family, but I was excited to meet the littles and take on “auntie” status. To win over the kids, I played helicopter with them (basically me swinging them around by their arms) and now…. they could overtake me in a blink if they wanted.

Now they are planning, in detail, about what they want to do when they get older, having in-depth conversations with us about Star Wars and Harry Potter and for goodness sake, they teach me things they learn on YouTube. (The youngest is 9 and she gave me makeup tips last week.)

They read books beyond their levels, play instruments, make jokes, gossip and are seriously are all amazing balls of light, love and hope. Morghin is in college and is balancing more than one job with her studies and does it all with an effervescent attitude. Kooper has some of the coolest dance moves of this generation. Kayleigh finds joy in some of the strangest creatures (aka: she’s the female Newt Scamander.) Last but not least, Danni is a poised young lady that cares for all others before herself, and she does it with style. 

Matt and Terri, you are some of the few parents I look up to and hope to be like when the time comes. I admire how you do so much for the kids and still find time for yourselves. You have such a beautiful fam, and it was a true honor to capture your photos at this stage! 

Downtown Green Bay and the City Deck was the perfect place for this year’s photos! I highly recommend this if your looking for a fun place to run around with your family!

P.S. Stick around for some of the sillier pics at the end!

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