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Fall Family Photos + Capturing a Legacy | Crivitz, WI

Being a photographer is about capturing the truth. The truth of who people are. The truth of how they look. The truth of their emotions. The truth of their legacy.

I like to fancy myself good at doing just that with my camera. It is not every day you get dressed up, put makeup on, pep talk your family and stand in front of a camera. It’s not every day you hand out photos for people to put on their refrigerators, shelves and walls. It’s not every day we as humans chronicle our lives intentionally.

In the age of the camera phone, we can take a photo at any time at any place. But also in the age of the camera phone, we are only taking those photos from our own point of view. Why not let someone you trust to hang out with your family? The alternative is you awkwardly sticking out your arm to smash your faces together for a selfie that will likely not get hung up on the wall. 

Don’t get me wrong, a selfie is fun and a lot of times necessary, but you can achieve the same sense of documentation with the help of someone who wants to capture your moments for you. 

Long story short, there is no shame in working with someone to truly document you, your family, your business, your successes and every other single thing you can think of. Because, darling, you are stunning and deserve to preserve your legacy.

I was feeling all of these things with the Wiedemeier family! I went in with a vision to not only take family photos surrounded by the epic fall colors Wisconsin in blessing us with this year, but with the intention to see them truly loving one another in any way they presented to me. 

This family is full of love and they work hard for one another. Their three daughters are so energetic, excited and happy. Seeing them run and play and scream with delight around their big back yard while their parents followed with big smiles on their faces is something I will treasure. 

Thank you Wiedemeiers, it was an honor to photograph your family! 

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