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The Bloechls | A Faith-Centered Wisconsin Wedding

My brother Nathan gave a speech during his wedding reception. He spoke not of romantic love, but the love of family and how we show love to one another through service.

Wearing a suit made in Ukraine, tailored by our 90-year-old grandmother, Nathan drew in his new wife, Elisabeth, around the waist with his right arm, tight into him as he spoke.

Elisabeth, gracefully wearing a dress full of curving and detailed lace looked upon her new husband with a smile as he spoke to their gathered family and friends.

It was an image I will likely never forget, as small of a part of the wedding day it was. It was also an image I took with a rented DSLR camera that I can share with you today.

Nathan and Liz are both former missionaries to foreign countries. They served Jesus through their service and love for Him and their brothers and sisters in Christ. Their service kept them apart for years, which as young people is very dramatic, in the absolute best way.

Upon their return, they were finally, finally, finally able to start a relationship that grew into a whirlwind romance and wedding. To the delight, after a little wonder, of both the Bloechl and Hokanson families, the two wed on May 26, 2018.

Nathan’s speech about service during his wedding might have seemed unorthodox, but to his servant’s heart, it had true meaning. Thinking back to his message about serving others before yourself, it was the perfect “thank you” for helping his and his bride’s day happen.

Family was at the center of their beautiful wedding day in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Every single element of the day had a story about how it came to be. (There is even a really hilarious story about Nathan’s pants that you really should hear from my Dad in person!) But here are a few examples of how family and friends really came through to make this wedding one to remember.  

Flowers: Made by a friend of the Hokanson family. Plus, lilacs were brought from both families too!
The dress: Tailored by my and Nathan’s Aunt Jo
The food: Prepared in advance entirely by the Hokanson family, and many families brought pies to share for dessert.
The rings: Both heirlooms from Elisabeth’s family
Music: Curated by Liz’s brother

I could go on and on about the little details of how things happened, why things happened and more, but the point is, Nathan and Liz had a wedding surrounded by service from their family and friends. And this service was centered with a love of Jesus.

Our families are both Christian and found a lot of common ground sharing in His love as much as Nathan and Liz’s love. With a day that took time, work and effort to plan, we all rested that night knowing we did our best to serve these two humans. A prayer here and there truly made this one of the most spectacular weddings in the world. Jesus will always make sure to help things work out, because when do they not work out in the end?

Nathan’s speech was a good reminder to do good for others, as a servant’s heart will find true purpose and happiness.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, keep your servant’s heart on your sleeves and love one another fully. 

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