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Giving Back with the Woodland Family | Green Bay Mini Photo Session

What does it mean to give back to your community?

I think it can be done in a million different ways, and sometimes it can be through your creative pursuits. I was lucky enough to be able to find a method to do just this, and I really hope to do it again.

For me my creative business is just a “some-of-my-time” kind of thing. My full-time job is working in marketing for H.J. Martin and Son and Martin Communications in Green Bay. One of my roles with that job is to organize our annual Holiday Party at the end of the year.

This year we devised an exciting plan to give back to the community with a silent auction during the party. All of the items were donated by my co-workers and some of the company’s vendors.

The really cool part is that if you bid and won an item, you would get to choose a charity from a pool of six pre-selected charities to donate the money you spent on the item. We selected a handful of all Wisconsin-based charities that focused on efforts in funding research and care for children with cancer and rare diseases.

As a facilitator of the auction, I wanted to donate a mini family photography session to the cause! The winning bidder went to the Woodland family who ended up waiting a full six months to do their session in the beautiful summer time! Their donation went to a wonderful charity called Special Spaces. They renovate bedrooms for children who have life-threatening illnesses like cancer and heart conditions.

When I was a reporter in Door County a few years ago, I got to see some of the work this amazing group does. (Read the article here!) They transform bedrooms into amazing spaces the children only could have imagined in their dreams. It is a truly amazing non-profit, with a chapter right here in Green Bay!

As for the Woodlands, they wanted their session to honor Special Spaces. And I think we made every dollar worth it!

This amazing, caring, loving family of six met me (after work!) out at Fonferek’s Glen in Bellevue for their session. The fam played, laughed, and mostly explored this awesome little Brown County park… I was just there to take photos of their adventure.

We had an absolute blast! There were tadpoles, rock climbing and a lot of love.

The four children absolutely had my heart. They called each other “brother” and “sister” and it was so sweet! The big kids played with the little ones by dancing, running and just having a good time. These sweet children made me hope my future kids are like them!

Thank you Woodland Fam for making this happen! It was so much fun to capture your family!

I’m so grateful to have been able to give back to people who need it most through my art. I can only hope to do this again sometime in the future! If you know how any way I can apply my talents to the greater good, please contact me!

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