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Newborn & New Parents | Klumb Family | Marinette, WI

Taking newborn photos is not something I usually do, because we all have our limits on what we can successfully do, am I right?

However, when I was approached by one of my sweet coworkers, Kim, about taking newborn photos of her first child, I was so surprised by how much she wanted to work with me.

Newborn Morgan snuggling in a crib.
Lil’ Morgan in her comfy crib.

Kim and I emailed back and forth about my “wheelhouse” aka: I take photos of older people and farm animals. I had only done one newborn session before, and it was not traditional in any sense. Over a year ago, I did this amazing in-home nursery session with my old friends Dylan, Ariel and their son Hudson. Considering they had been friends for a long time I was all about taking photos of them and trying something new!

But for Kim and Mike, this was the only experience I was able to give them. I was super proud of the work I did with Dylan, Ariel and Hudson, but I wasn’t an “experienced newborn photographer.” I even recommended four different and very talented newborn photographers in Northeast Wisconsin. But Kim insisted I was the best pick for her family.

How can you say “no” to that? And guess, what? We made some down right magical photos that I still swoon over!

Newborn Morgan sleeping in a tutu
Casually taking a snooze in a tutu.

Two weeks earlier than we had expected, I drove up to Marinette to capture some of the first photos of sweet baby Morgan and her parents.

The session was amazing! Kim and Mike have an adorable house, and had decorated Morgan’s nursery with one of the coolest animals ever. The majestic moose!

Kim, Mike and their beautiful dog Sadie snuggled their new baby girl. They kissed her. They loved her. They changed her. They fed her. They parented her.

It was so gosh darn awesome to see two brand spankin’ new parents just being parents. They had a few moments without the camera to feed and change Morgan, but I got to see it all happen first hand. Do you know how precious it is to see parents caring for a life they created together? It is one of the most wholesome things you can witness.

Morgan is a beautiful little baby. So beautiful, in fact, Kim and Mike congratulated each other for making such an adorable daughter! It was totally off-hand and adorable, because they shared this sentiment truly grateful to one another and their new daughter.

If you are a parent, trying to be a parent, or are merging into grandparent territory, I don’t think I need to tell you to cherish every second you spend with your kids.

Here is to the Klumb family! We cannot wait to see the person Morgan grows into with you as her guardians!

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