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28 Day Blog Post Challenge Wrap Up

I actually did this.

Posted a blog every day for 28 days in a row. I feel pretty darn good right now about this accomplishment.

Here are the stats:

  • On any given month, I have had anywhere between 20-150 visitors to my website. Last November I had an outstanding boom in traffic due to the most amazing photo session and blog I’ve written to date (and hope to replicate soon.) In just 27 days (I am writing this early today, so I’m not counting today’s stats) I have seen over 500 visitors to my site! This is amazing for me, to know that over 500 of you have come out to see a few of these posts over the last 28 days. Thank you so much!
  • The most popular post this month… to my surprise is the Valentine’s Day post about Eli and My love story. You all are soft romantics and I love it! I guess I’ll seriously have to write a part two soon ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I was blessed to welcome eight different voices to my blog this month through some of my good friends and acquaintancesย agreeing to be guest bloggers!
  • On my blog, people can like and comment, and this month was the biggest month ever for me! With 78 likes and 11 unique comments (it doesn’t seem like a lot), I know for sure I have a few readers who like my work. These stats do not include likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram, where there was a lot of traffic!
  • Facebook was my number one referrer, with over 400 visits from the platform alone. Instagram was just behind it with 104. Considering all the talk about Facebook not giving a lot of attention to business pages through the algorithm, I am pretty stoked to see most of my traffic comes from the site.
  • There was a strange mix of visitors on the site from all over the world. The US had the highest, but Germany was in second place, followed by Switzerland, Canada, India, Indonesia, the UK, Romania, Australia, Bangladesh, and Ukraine. There were a bunch of other random places too. Hello world, thanks for stopping by!


As much fun as stats are, and these accomplishments really only mean something to me, it was still a lot of behind the scenes work to do this.

The hardest part was brainstorming blog ideas. I’ll be the first to mention that the posts were all over the place in their content. However, I think I am starting to better figure out what I really want to write about… intentional living, country life and photography… for starters anyway. And I know more about what you want to read!

There were a string of nights I would come home from work and blog as much as possible, schedule things ahead, take photos on my kitchen floor. There were days I waited to write until the end of the day. There were days I had posts coming out that I wrote three or four days prior. It was a lot of work, but it was so enjoyable to get back to writing about fun things and connecting with people!

I also had eight of the coolest women take time out of their lives to put their words down and take photos of their lives to be guest bloggers. You are all amazing and deserve all the pretty things in this life. Thank you for taking a little pressure off me and for putting your hearts into something different!

Read all of the guest blogs here:

I suggest reading all of these, following their blogs, Instagrams, Facebooks, and shops!

Thank you to each of you beautiful, wonderful, kind and loving women for doing this for me! You really made me see the value in connecting with people in your life or on the Internet. Supporting all of you will be as easy as drinking coffee.

To the readers, again, thank you for stopping by for a few minutes each day. I truly hope you learned something, were inspired, are happy to have found this space. Please feel free to comment anywhere with content you’d like to see in the future, or photo shoots you’d like to see me offer! I totally want to please you, my fantastic readers!

I promise I will be back with more consistent blogs as new photo sessions present themselves and as inspiration strikes me. For now, I might take a few days off posting ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the encouragement, the messages and the chats about this month of blogging, I really appreciated it!

See you soon,

Alyssa B.


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