28 Day Blog Post Challenge 2018,  Personal

Letter to My Future Self



Did you grow your bangs back out? Are you a mom? Did you ever start that beehive? Which book did you try writing first, the children’s book or the photo book? Don’t tell me you went for the novel? Did you find a wedding photographer that you really truly loved?

Those are a few of the many questions my current self, wants to know about my future self.

I realize that a note to myself on a blog is not as cool as a handwritten note I write and then hide and someday find in a shoebox in the back of the spare room’s closet. However, I feel that sharing a little bit more of myself will really help me count my blessings and put my worries away.

At this time in your life, you are all about intentionality. You are looking for ways to live simply, but happily. You have a lot of goals to be even more intentional with the choices you make and the life you build.

Here are some things on your mind, on your list of goals and part of your routine:

-You try to document everything. With photos, with words.

-You try to find God every day in the form of reflection and sharing your faith with others. (Big emphasis on trying… it’s not easy or comfortable.)

-You really work hard to put worry and stress out of sight. Thanks to the Dale Carnegie class and books, you’ve got a lot of tools to do this.

-You are trying to put your phone down during work hours, and home hours. Being present is super important to you.

-You are trying to care for your body with simple, wholesome food and a yoga practice. (I hope you didn’t stop the yoga…or stop eating donuts.)

-You want to always put family first.

-You want to be outside in the woods, in fields, in gardens, in water.

-You want to give your creativity more freely to others.

-You want to embrace other’s creativity as much as possible.

-You set goals to read every night, but don’t always do it.

-You want to do more for others and give your time to do good for them.

I’m super curious to see if the person I’m working on now, will be all of those things. I know that God will bring me where I need to be, and hopefully, I find his path to get me there. I do know one thing, that I am always working on myself and it will be cool to know if I did some of the things listed above that are floating on my mind.

I have a hard time telling myself that I am worthy and enough. It’s difficult to tell myself that I am capable. So, future, Alyssa, I hope you read this when you most need it… even if it is tomorrow or in a week or in 10 weeks or 10 years.

You are smart, even if you need a calculator. You have a purpose, even if it changes by the hour. You are kind, even if you swear every so often. You are thoughtful, even when you forget someone’s birthday. You love deeply, even when you are feeling selfish. You work hard, even when you binge watch TV. You make a difference, even if you cannot see it.

If there is one thing I want future Alyssa to know, it’s that no matter how hard something is, or how emotionally draining a situation might be, or how frustrating the people you interact with might be in that moment, you can handle it.


Here is to you, Alyssa.

Keep at it.

This is blog 26 of 28 of the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See the Day 1 post for more details on why I’m participating!

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