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Guest Blog: You Have a Story To Tell

Today I’m really excited to share the words of my new internet pal, Kayla! She runs a blog and YouTube channel, sells cool merch (I have one of their hats!) and lives life on the road. Kayla has a little dash of inspiration today if you’ve been thinking about or putting off telling your story to the world!

What do you think is the difference between you and a blogger? Do you think they don’t have thoughts along the lines of “who is going to read this,” “nobody cares what I have to say,” or “who do I think I am?” As a blogger and vlogger, I have to stop you right there. Many of us do have those thoughts.
I bet if there is someone you follow online that seems so “down to earth” or like you could be best friends in real life, then they have had these thoughts. But one thing is different. Something nudged them to share. Maybe you have had the nudge, or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, I know one thing is true — You, friend…have a story to tell. Your story.

How It Started For Me

I’ve wanted to join in and link up with this online community of bloggers and vloggers for years. I put off a blog for two years before I started and I put off my Youtube channel for a solid year before I dipped my toes in. I was scared. I had all those same thoughts plus some. Ok, plus a lot. It felt weird. Self-serving (how dare I). Like I was into myself (which is so far from the truth). I needed a why. If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend it. Finding your why and your passion is a life game changer. Let me tell you – it has flipped life as I knew it on its head. Still terrifying, but a little easier to tread through.

So what does this have to do with you? I want to push you to share your story with the world. You don’t need to register an URL, design a blog or be able to take fancy photos. You can do this at the grocery store with a stranger, on your Facebook page or with a girlfriend over coffee. You need to own your truth. Be who you are and know your worth. Your story has weight in this world. We (the people of the world) need more of you in our everyday.

And you don’t have to go first…

Since childhood, I have wanted to own a business. I got into photography and started a “photography business” that never panned out. I got hitched and left home to live with my husband in a 400 square foot camper while he chased work as a welder. I lost myself. I lost connection, and I was yearning for something more I just had this gut feeling that surely this couldn’t be it. So, I started documenting our life. First through a blog and next through videos I shared with the world via YouTube. Something magical happened. I started to find my people. A community I was excited to be a part of. People who saw me for who I was. Humans that didn’t’ have to like me, but did. Then I met them. I got to know them. That is when it all changed.

The shift

To make a long story short, by telling my story, I wrote my business plan. And it isn’t one of those stuffy business plans you take to the bank. It is something bigger than any ole retail business. It is a community. Our Industrial Tradition community is filled with down to earth folks. They are the real deal. They work hard and play harder. They love like crazy and chase their dreams. But not many of them are sharing their stories out loud. And if they are it is with limitations and by industry standards.
At Industrial Tradition we focus on the core of our crew. We care about who you are when you are at home, what your past was, how you fought for a better life, why you work hard, and what you have faith in. The reason we do that is to break down barriers of different types of common people and bring them together with people who may not look like them or do that same work as them, but at their core are the same type of people. By doing this, it allows us to share in similarities, grow from each other, and learn about one another’s struggles.

Our mission is to connect and celebrate all the people that make up our crew. Their work, their home life and their goals for the future. This year we plan to share the stories of common folk through a podcast that will be coming out mid-2018. We will continue to make it our mission because we think your stories are that important.
The world needs you to share. Someone you will cross paths with needs your story to help theirs. So, I urge you to open up when you get the nudge. Share with a stranger why their actions inspire you. Share with your girlfriend what you learned this week. Be open with your kids or any young person in your life about things you struggled with at their age. Be vulnerable. Be yourself. Keep it real. Use the good and the grit of your story to change the world — one story, one share, one nod of understanding at a time. It really does make a difference.
Huge thank you to Alyssa for letting me share what has been on my heart lately. Also, thank you to the internet for bringing people with common interest together. No longer do miles separate us.
Get out there. Chase your best life and never be ashamed of who you truly are.
p.s. nudge
Find me at www.thekaylaross.com and on Instagram @thekaylaross. Join us at Industrial Tradition at www.industrialtradition.com and on Instagram @industrial_tradition.

Photos by www.twoarrowsphoto.com.

This is blog 23 of 28 of the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See the Day 1 post for more details on why I’m participating!

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