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Luke and Ashley | 10 Year Anniversary Session | Crivitz, WI

Luke and Ashely have been together since they were in high school! I super seriously love that about them.

If you ever get the chance to meet them, you’ll be able to see how much they truly care about one another. They have little glances that are clearly conversations. Luke will give Ashley a quick hug when he thinks no one is watching.

Ashely straight up gushes about her husband and how proud of him she is in all his many skills. They constantly are laughing and being silly together too. It’s so dang adorable.

They are also raising one of my favorite people in the world, Evelyn! (All of my nieces and nephews are my fave, fyi!) Evie has the brightest red hair that curls exactly like her mother’s, and she is so full of joy that when you meet her, you are her’s forever.

Luke and Ashley teach Evelyn everything about what they do, which is amazing. Every day, I’ll see a new snap or Insta Story from one of them of Evelyn in her mom’s pottery studio or learning about different wildlife from her dad.

Their anniversary is in January, and we were really lucky the Wisconsin winter wasn’t too brutal. We were lucky to get one of the state’s gorgeous sunsets too! The light from this session was absolutely perfect!

These two are seriously amazing, and I was so honored to take photos celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary!

Quick side story about how I met these two, if you’re interested!

Luke and Ashley were the last of my boyfriend Eli’s siblings that I met after we first started dating. They were living with their sweet daughter in Tennessee where Luke was stationed with the Army and Ashely was running a pottery studio and gallery.

For those first few months Eli and I were together, all I heard about was how much I was going to enjoy meeting Eli’s next oldest brother (Eli is the baby of four boys!) Apparently Luke was hilarious and super easy to get along with.

But more than that, I was told Ashely and I had a lot in common. She was a potter, I had taken ONE pottery class… so you know automatic besties. We were close in age, so clearly we were going to hit it off. We actually connected on Facebook and started chatting weeks before we would ever meet face-to-face.

Well, when they were finally coming up to Wisconsin for Eli’s other brother Jake and his wife Ashely’s (yup, two Ashleys!) wedding we were finally going to break that awkward ice. I would say that meeting Ashely was how people feel when they meet someone for the first time after they met through eHarmony.

It was awkward. But we had a super good time that first weekend, obviously because Jake and Ashley had the best wedding ever!

A full month later, Eli, Jake, the boy’s Dad, Jim, and I all trekked down to Tennessee to help them and their beautiful daughter Evelyn make the big move back to Crivitz. Ashley and I drove back with Evelyn and one of their dogs back the like 14-hour drive. It was perfect because we had a LOT of time to talk and truly break that ice. We learned about our shared obsession with books and reading (the sister-in-law book club is for real) and found out our musical tastes were basically the same. Online dating works, friends!

I just love all of Eli’s brothers and sister-in-laws, they are all super amazing people and I’m really lucky to have found a guy with such an incredible family!

Luke and Ashley-141

Luke and Ashley-97

Luke and Ashley-30

Luke and Ashley-86

Luke and Ashley-26

Luke and Ashley-59

Luke and Ashley-154

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