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Guest Blog: An interior designer’s journey: Designing the interior of her own home!

P1000554Today, I’m super excited to introduce Stephanie Wetzel! She is a designer of both spaces and art! This girl designs some of the most beautiful invitations in the world, and she even designed a very pretty watercolor print that hangs on my walls. Guys, she is talented.

We met just over a year ago when we worked in the same building. We quickly learned of our shared passions of The Office, Lord of the Rings, dogs, and creative adventures. This girl is one-of-a-kind and it’s a super honor for me to have her sharing a piece of her story here today! If you live in a space with walls, buckle up for some of her thoughts on intentional design and decorating, because it just might be an inspirational ride!

First of all, I want to say how honored I am to be featured as a guest blogger! I admire you Alyssa and your blog. You inspired and drove me to not be afraid of blogging and just start doing it! I thank you very much for your kind advice.

Now….for the reason I am here!

Buying a home is really the most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done in my adult life. So many new experiences with the buying process! It was almost as if I was learning a new language from all of the new terminology and “lingo” that was used when signing all of the paperwork and getting all of our affairs in order for closing on our home. To sum up the experience…. OVERWHELMED.

But you know what? Now that all of the “overwhelming” parts are finished, now comes the part that is truly the best part of owning your own home! Design time.

It was kind of sad when a lot of people laughed at my strategy towards figuring out what changes we were going to make right away and also some updates that were going to plan for in the far future.

However, I went ahead and did it. I created a design document to layout out each and every room and then planned what was to happen to every space. That isn’t crazy, is it?

photo break #1.jpg
Some items on the agenda were quite small updates, such as updating the placement of the curtain rods. Some were a little more elaborate, like changing out a lighting fixture. It helped me remember the changes I wanted to happen to make the entire house come together. I laid out all of the paint colors as well as the accent colors that applied to that room. It worked very well for me.

The first of the updates, of course, was to paint……everything. The entire house needed to be painted. Every room was a different color. I wanted to make this home feel super fresh and new (even though it was built in 1901). Adding a fresh coat of paint was just the best idea. It really then felt really clean moving all of our furniture and things into the house.
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Having that Home Design document now lets me look back at it whenever Justin (my husband) and I get on a little kick to get something else done around the house. I have all the information of what we have done so far and what now we have yet to do in the future. We are currently three months into homeownership and have tackled about 60 percent of the items on my Home Design dream!

Our three new light fixtures are up (that is all we could afford so far), all of the walls are painted in the house, area rugs were purchased and placed in their spaces, and of course the curtain rods and wall decor are all where I planned for them to be.

It really helps to have a strategy in place when tackling an entire house project like this. I knew I was nervous and this was the perfect way to lay everything out in front of me and so that no matter when we go tot he project, there would still be a sense of cohesiveness through the entire home because I laid out my design plan right away.

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As for our future projects in the queue yet, I have all the selections made and all we need now to get those projects done….is the money. We will just tackle these projects little by little when we start feeling like we are at a good spot then to start another project. I have a couple on the wish list right away for when spring roles around.

Number 1: Paint the kitchen cabinets
Number 2: Do some front yard and back yard landscaping

Never fear! I have all the plans ready to go already! Paint colors for the kitchen are selected and they already tie into the colors happening throughout the house.
See…..strategy. It really worked for me to make sure my overall design was carried throughout this home. If you are in the market for buying a new home or have the intention to spruce up your space try this out! It may just work as great for you as it did for me! I can help you through it!

-Stephanie Wetzel

See all of Stephanie’s work:

website: www.stephanieannewetzel.com

instagram: www.instagram.com/steph.anne.ie

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