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Mid-Challenge Check-In/Growing Your Craft

If you’re reading my blog for the very first time today, you are joining me on a personal challenge: to post a blog every day for the month of February. It has been an absolute blast so far, so I’m totally glad you are here and I think you should go see if there are other posts that might interest you.

If you have been reading along with all the words posted here in February, THANK YOU! Your time means a lot to me, and I hope I have been able to share something valuable with you to help you, inspire you or make you think.


I jumped into this challenge like three days before it started, and I wanted to truly go all in and meet the goal. Then two seconds after mentally committing, I realized I might not have enough to say for 28 days in a row. Three seconds after that, I started calling, texting and messaging all my favorite girls who are creatives, run side hustles and are just really cool people that I knew would have awesome things to share with the world.

Little did I expect everyone I messaged to actually say “yes” but “YES!” The enthusiasm blew me away, and holy cow have these ladies come through. Each of you are so interesting, kind, thoughtful, creative and I’m so honored to be a part of your lives.

This challenge has become two things for me: 1. A return to my writing voice/injection of creativity 2. An amazing opportunity to hear from other women and creatives from my personal world who all live with a broad spectrum of intentions and perspectives.

I am invigorated to bring you content about country living in the suburbs, share perspectives of creatives other than myself and of course, beautiful photography.

This challenge has breathed new life into my creativity and broadened my perspective on thoughtful living. And I’m only halfway done!

blog-1-2.jpgNo matter what you do during work hours, after hours, on the weekends, in the predawn hours, go do it. You will grow and learn and try new things and it will be fun! I’m truly putting in a lot of effort to bring you good things to read, and it takes time and concentration. However, I’m having fun with it!

Now, this is key: Find inspiration from others in YOUR circle.

I spend hours and hours each week scrolling through accounts of people I don’t know, but who I admire. I find myself going down a hole of thinking that “I’m not enough. I’m never going to be that good. I want to be like that.” Well, those people aren’t truly real to me, but the people I know ARE REAL. I have connections with them. I know parts of them. I’ve had conversations with them. I’ve drunk wine with them. I’ve gone to class with them.

blog-1-4.jpgBy tapping into my own network of AMAZING women, I don’t feel downtrodden, but INSPIRED! I’m not saying I’m not inspired by people in the world of Instagram and the blogosphere, but I so love seeing people I care about doing such lovely things with their lives. It is oh so real to me.

Since I have been writing so much lately, I felt called to pick up my camera for something other than a photo session. My Mom and Dad got me not one but TWO photo journals with tons of prompts to get photographers thinking.

I’m going to share with you a photo I took based on the prompt: “How are you feeling? Communicate this with light.” I’m feeling thankful and creative, and this is what I got in my lens. (P.S. I took all the other photos while I was mentally preparing myself for this post… I was in a shadowy mood!) Get this book here!



Alyssa B.

This is blog 15 of 28 of the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See the Day 1 post for more details on why I’m participating!

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