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Our Love Story: Part One

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a day full of love and kindness, no matter what your romantic situation.

I’d like to tell you the best story in the world: When Alyssa Met Eli.


One of our first official photos together on the Platteville M.


Eli and I have been together for just over five years, and I still love to tell the story of how we met. The fun part is, we were connected months before we ever met face-to-face, by being published in a magazine. (I’m super excited to say I found the link to the story, and you can read it here!)

This article titled ‘Bow or Gun?‘ for Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine was written in the summer of 2012 by a mutual friend (Hey Amanda!) from our college, UW-Platteville. I remember sitting in my parent’s office reading her facebook message to me, asking me to answer questions about why I prefer rifle hunting for this article. Apparently, she asked Eli to do the same thing. Being more of a hunter than I, he could speak to both bow and gun hunters.

Strangely, we both talked about family and tradition.

Fast forward to late August 2012. I had just finished a pre-semester meeting for the student newspaper (Exponent) with the other editors. We had Mexican food, and I likely had a chimichanga. On the way back to campus, the News Editor, Gerrad (Hi Gerrad!) convinced me that it was a good idea for me to volunteer with the campus radio station (WSUP.)


Our first vaction, with our bestie, Gerrad!


He pulled out all the stops. “It’ll be good for your resume.” (I wanted to be a writer, not a radio person.) “You’ll meet new people.” (I felt I had enough people.) “It’ll be fun.” (It will be more work.)

Because Gerrad is such a good pal, I went to the meeting. We were late and rolled into an already ongoing meeting in the campus TV station set, area, place. (I don’t know TV lingo.)

Well, Gerrad and this guy sitting behind us had an ongoing commentary to the meeting, and I was only slightly annoyed because I knew nothing of radio and needed to listen.

When I finally turned around to throw these two a look, there was this just adorable blonde.

“Who is this?” my brain was screaming.


We traveled back to the M for homecoming after we graduated.


Well, one thing about radio DJs, at least college radio DJs, they all have “jock names” for on the air. I only knew this boy as Tumor.

You read it right.

Being awkward and intimidated, I didn’t say a word to this boy. Only found covert ways to look at him.

Here is the intel I learned from listening: 1) He was an executive staff member at the station 2) He was the producer for the station’s most popular radio show (The Heavy Metal Meltdown) 3) He listened to metal 4) He was not a communications major like most of us in the room, but an engineering major 5) He was the hottest guy I’d ever seen 6) He was the guy who gave the in-person tests with all the new jocks before they could go on the air.

At the end of the meeting, I signed up to be a volunteer DJ. Then I made Gerrad dish about the hot blonde.

That is just the beginning of the story of Tumor and Porterhouse (ultimately what I was named at the station.)

When I’m feeling lovey again, I’ll share the next part of our story!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Alyssa B.


Photo by Kate McCullough


This is blog 14 of 28 of the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See the Day 1 post for more details on why I’m participating!

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