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Guest Blog: Collecting and Preserving Memories

Today’s post is an amazing new guest blogger, my good friend Megan! This new mom, blogger, freelancer and creative is also a vintage goods re-saler! She gathers some of the most divine pieces, which is what she is talking about today! (Here Etsy shop can be found here!) Make absolutely sure you visit her site

When Alyssa asked me to write this blog post, my mind starting turning. She left me with an open objective, “…write about whatever you want.” But I wanted to make sure to write something that might resonate with you, with her readers. I thought I could write about my journey as a new mom, I could do a behind the scenes look of what happens over at The Bee’s Knee Vintage, or I could write about friendship, which is the whole reason I’m writing a guest blog, right?

Alyssa is a photographer, I collect and re-sell vintage goods, how in the world can I tie
that together? And then it struck me as I stared at the homepage of AlyssaBloechlPhoto.com. Stories, heirlooms, history, documentation. Our two interests could not possibly have more in common.

blog4.jpgWe are both seeking to collect mementos that will resonate with families for generations to come. Alyssa took maternity photos of me while pregnant with my daughter, Charlotte
Josephine. There’s a photo of me and my husband, his hands wrapped around my big ole belly. That photo is sitting in Charlotte’s room, right next to a vintage globe we used as a wedding guest book when we got married. Both of these objects, the globe, and the photo, are heirlooms. I will stash that globe away alongside that photo in its old frame I picked up at a flea market, and I will hope they are part of the legacy we leave behind.

blog3.jpgEver since Charlie was born, I’m so careful in selecting things for her, so careful of my
consumerism. I want to hand select things that are meaningful, things that are made well and will last, things that have history and a story behind them. There’s a bassinet in her room that I bought for $5 at an estate sale. There’s a sticker on the bottom of the bassinet that reads, ‘7/1941- Bassinet to Joan Schurch From: Grandpa & Grandma Reich.’ 77 years later and that bassinet can still hold a sweet little babe, as it has many times before, I’m sure.

Blog1.jpgThere’s the sweetest bonnet hanging on a hook that was handmade with recycled fabric by another Mama raising her littles and living out her creative dreams. There are books and blankies that were her Daddy’s, a birdcage that was something my Mama gave me when I was little, a new teddy bear identical to the teddy I had (and still have!) as a baby. All of these things, they hold meaning and memories.

I’m so careful, thoughtful about how I want to collect our moments and memories together. I take photos every day and likely hundreds of photos and videos weekly because I don’t want to forget a single thing about these crazy, hectic, emotional, yet wonderful days as a new mom. Capturing all of our photos in little organized folders that I will have printed into scrapbooks when I find the time, because, #momlife.

blog2.jpgI’m so thankful for the sweet photos of me and my family at a time in our lives we’ll never be able to re-live. It’s why I believe in spending the money to have professional photos done. It’s why I’m so invested in re-selling used goods, goods that have a lifetime of unknown history, and an entirely new lifetime before them. The mementos we collect are a glimpse into the stories of our lives, even after we’re gone.

Invest in the memories that you hold dear to your heart, they’re the most important
investments you can make. Spend the money on a professional photographer. Buy the more expensive, handmade heirloom quality bonnet. Make room for memories that can stand the test of time. Someday we’ll be old and wrinkly sitting next to our loved ones and looking back wondering how it all happened so fast. Our daily lives and our families, they are worth documenting. Out stories, they do matter. I am actively choosing to collect and preserve them wisely, and I hope you will too!

Follow along with my daily adventures as a Wifey, Mama and Vintage Re-Saler on Instagram: @megan.kulick and @thebeeskneevintage.

Big thank you to Megan for sharing these awesome thoughts and inspiring me to live with more intention! Go see her awesome shop on Etsy!

This is blog 13 of 28 of the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See the Day 1 post for more details on why I’m participating!

Would you like to document your family or farm with heirloom photos and a written story to share with your family, friends and future generations? Contact photographer and writer Alyssa Bloechl for more information at abloechlphoto@gmail.com or call at 920-445-8727.

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