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The Gmeiner Family | Green Bay, WI Family Session

The Gmeiner Family had a vision for pre-sunset evening photos in the fall. To make it happen as we had set out, we discussed different locations we could visit during the week before the light faded. They were the last fall session I shot in 2017, so we were working around tight timing. After changing our location to account for those desired sun-infused photos, we truly made some magic at an awesome park in Green Bay.

Bob and Amy both work at H.J. Martin and Son with me, and they asked me about taking family photos with their son Jackson. Amy and I had actually talked about it a while ago when we were photographing a few homes she designed with flooring and tile for the Brown County Home Builder’s Association Spring Showcase of Homes (the 2018 spring event is coming up soon btw!)

Once we settled on a date last fall, we were very excited to take some new photos of their family after work. The day came, and it was rainy. The three of us were on the phone a few times during the day making a game plan for what we would do if it was raining at 5:15 p.m.

Luckily we got a perfect break from the rain, the sun shone through the clouds over the park we were at and we got some awesome golden hour photos. We were super excited to have a very late fall session, with colors in the trees and even a little bit of mood from the lighting the sun provided.

This was the first time I met their son Jackson, and he was one of the coolest (and cutest) kids I have worked with. He was more than willing to walk and talk about his projects at school. Whenever I asked him to just wander, he did it without being nervous or awkward. He was just him!

The whole family was just so comfortable together, which allowed us to get some excellently emotional and loving photos. There is nothing I love more than a family who just wants to spend time together, playing and exploring.

As a bonus, Bob took some photos of me taking photos! It was so awesome for him to share photos of me at work because I honestly don’t know what I’m like in that capacity. He covertly took them when I was working with Amy and Jackson, and I’m super grateful to have these shots! (Go see some of these at a post from earlier this month!)

I truly enjoyed getting to know my coworkers a little better! Enjoy!

-Alyssa B.










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