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My Photoshoot Bucket List

Everyone has places they want to go, things they want to see and ideas they want to take in. I’m no different. Amazingly, I have had the opportunity to travel to some unexpected places in my short life.

I was lucky enough to travel to China when I was working as a journalist. And, I went for work! I spent a week in the East photographing and writing about everything I learned and saw. My eyes were opened anew to a completely different culture. I also got to visit Ukraine where I learned about a country and people that typically is not on most people’s travel bucket list. DSC_0614

Now that I’m hauling my camera everywhere, I want to do so much more storytelling in new places that I get to see. Documenting my travels is one of my favorite things to do, be it with a blog, a newspaper, a notebook or camera, I’m so ready to jump in to do more, not just for myself, but for others.

Having photos during your travels and experiences helps capture your memories forever, and I’d love to help you do just that.

There are places and scenes that I would really love to take photos of. More precisely, there are places I would love to take photos of people at.

I love taking on-the-farm photos and family photos in beautiful parks, but there are places that are not-so-typical that I would absolutely love to shoot with some willing individuals.

If any of the following places pique your interest, send me a note and we can talk about a discounted session and logistics to make these dream shoots happen!

Just an FYI, these will fall into two categories; portrait (family, engagement, headshots, more posed) and documentary (all natural, working, journalistic, experience-based, less posed).


Anywhere in Wisconsin

– Hiking adventure in a State Park (portrait/documentary)

– Camping trip (documentary)

– Baking as a family (documentary)

– Library shoot (portrait)

– Hunting group – at a cabin, during the hunt (where a shutter is acceptable!), after the hunt (portrait/documentary)

– Artist in their studio (documentary)

– Military homecoming (portrait/documentary)

– Pet adoption (portrait/documentary)

– Service work (documentary)

– Church service (documentary)

– Family game night (documentary)

– Skiing/snowboarding (documentary)

– Cattle shows (documentary)

– Tree farm (portrait/documentary)

Door/Kewaunee County, Wis.

– Fully blossomed cherry orchard in the spring (portrait)

– On the beach in Ephraim, Wis. (portrait)

– On a sailboat in the Bay of Green Bay (portrait/documentary)

– Charter fishing in Lake Michigan (documentary)

– Cherry/Apple picking for visitors or orchard owners (portrait/documentary)


*All remaining are portrait or documentary

– Working ranch

– Yellowstone National Park

– Glacier National Park

– Any National Park…who am I kidding

– Surfing

– Crop dusting

– Harvest operation in the Midwest

– Cotton fields and harvest

– Orange/Citrus orchard

– Winemaking/vineyards

– Route 66 road trip

– Desert

– Disney


– New Zealand/Lord of the Rings Tour

– Egypt

– Ireland

– Great Britain

– Oktoberfest in Germany

– African Safari

– Australia

– Tropical Rainforest

– Greece


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