28 Day Blog Post Challenge 2018,  Personal

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Keeping it simple for day eight of the #28DaysOfBlogging Challenge, and sharing a few of my quirks! Let me know if you resonate with any of these things!


  1. I love sushi. Specifically, tuna in sushi. Philly Roles are all I need in life.
  2. Sunrise is my favorite time of day. Not to work, but to just be and enjoy my blessings.
  3. My boyfriend Eli and I watch an episode or two of The Office nearly every night before we go to sleep. #KevinIsMyFave
  4. My go-to meal is pasta with shredded cheese on top, just slightly melted. No, it’s not the same as mac and cheese.
  5. Crazy patterned, fluffy socks are one of the best gifts you can give me. Wisconsin is cold people! Let’s at least have some fun with our winter clothing.
  6. I am a 4-H alumnus from Lincoln County, WI and current leader in Kewaunee County. 4-H is for everyone, and you can learn so much. This is how I started to photograph farms, when I learned to crochet (thanks, Mom) and when I fell in love with showing cattle (thanks, Dad). I am still friends with a lot of my 4-H friends, where other relationships have fallen away. (Miss you, pals!)
  7. I am always reading a minimum of two books. One physical that comes with me everywhere (you never know when an opportunity to read will come up) and one in my CD player in my car. I have only a 20-minute commute, but I started this habit years ago when my drive was longer. Also, I can’t give up my library habit.
  8. My favorite pairs of jeans came from Fleet Farm. They look darn good too. The proof is in all of these photos. (Thank you, Lee.)
  9. The only dogs I’ve ever owned were rescues. #AdoptDontShop
  10. I invited my Mom and her two sisters (my aunts) to my 21st birthday. It was THE BEST part of my birthday. My friends loved it too!

    Comments welcome if you like these things! I wanna know I’m not alone!

Happy Days,

-Alyssa B.

Photos by Carlee Secor

This is blog 8 of 28 of the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See the Day 1 post for more details on why I’m participating!

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