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Questions You Should Ask Me Before You Hire Me As Your Photographer

If you have ever gone to Google and searched for a service provider of any kind, you are likely overwhelmed with the number of search results you see. Once you narrow down your selections, how do ACTUALLY know they are right for you?

I’m here to help… if you are looking for a photographer in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. I am going to answer as many questions as I can think of that clients have asked me in the past, and hopefully, the answers will help you decide if I’m the right photographer for you.


Q: How long have you been a professional photographer?

A: I started photographing professionally in November 2016, when I purchased my first DSLR camera. I have been taking photos for most of my life, and I am primarily self-taught through years of 4-H projects, local classes and a lot of research and practice.

Q: What do you photograph?

A: I photograph families and farms. I truly enjoy taking portraits of families, playing and just enjoying some time being together. On top of that, I truly love to photograph anything agricultural. I grew up on a dairy farm, which is where I did nearly all of my photography growing up. Taking photos of families working with animals, driving tractors and just experiencing their lives on the farm is what I really love to do. I find it’s not about posing, but observing. Considering how much farms change from season to season, it is really essential to get a true record of what is happening.

Gallery_2017-08-02 Gerrad and Stacy Wedding-1

Q: Do you shoot weddings?

A: I do not take on wedding clients. However, I have done some in the past, and I like to share photos of them. I do second shoot weddings with local photographers as well. It’s not that I don’t enjoy shooting weddings (I’m a hopeless romantic), but I work full time and I can only do so much. I much more prefer farms and families, so it feels normal to put my energy into those projects.

Q: What do you like most about photography?

A:  I am all about capturing emotion. People’s reactions to things. And just getting a sense of how things are in the moment. It isn’t just about the person in the frame but what is happening around them…how does the skyline look, what color were the trees, what is the sun doing? My clients can expect to see those extra detail shots in their galleries.



Gallery_2017-10-03 Haldiman Family -106

Q: What style do you specialize in?

A: My “style” is to take photos with emotion and truth. I also shoot in natural light. I find that with less posing direction and more encouragement to just play and enjoy being with your family, the better your photos are. I edit the photos I take and keep the photos as close to their natural look and feel as possible.

Q: What is your favorite time of day to shoot?

A: I really love to shoot just after sunrise and about an hour or two before sunset. This is when the light is the most beautiful, and we can hopefully achieve some lovely golden coloring from the sun. Cloudy days also make for some lovely photos! I try to stay away from the 10 a.m.-2 p.m. block of the day, as the sun is very harsh at this time. However, I can absolutely take great photos at this time of day. During farm sessions, midday may be unavoidable if we are shooting field work. If I’m shooting portraits on a farm or with any family, I really like to stick to the morning and evening.


Q: What kind of clients have you worked with in the past?


A: All of my past clients love their families, and they care about the little details of their lives. They are trusting, and can feel comfortable talking about what they are like. (I ask a lot of questions!) Half of my clients are farm families who are proud of their livelihood, want to share their story openly and are willing to let someone bring a camera to their farm and to pet their cows.

Q: Do you bring your own lighting?

A: I will bring the sun! I also have a speedlight flash on my camera I can use if necessary.

Q: What is included in your packages?

A: I offer two package, one for farms and one for families. Farm packages ( starting at $297) are a minimum of 90 minutes and include a minimum of 50 digital images. Family packages (starting at $200) are between 45 minutes and an hour and includes a minimum of 30 images. I also offer albums on request.

Before every shoot, I have a consult with you to talk about the shoot logistics and answer any questions. All clients will recieve their edited high-resolution photos within a month of the shoot, along with a printing release. The photos will be delivered by an amazing digital gallery, where you can download, share and even print your favorites. All sessions will be blogged on my website as well. I can assist you with printing if needed.




Q: Do you print our photos, or do we?

A: You will recieve all of the photos I edit, and printing is up to you. If you are local to Green Bay, I highly recommend printing at Camera Corner. They look at each photo to make sure it printed true to what was ordered. If you don’t want to download and print at a lab of your choice, you can print your photos through the website (PASS) your gallery is on. You may click on any photo, add it to your cart and have it shipped right to your home! If you order through PASS, I will also recieve a little extra bonus. The prices are comparable to that of other labs, and you will be guaranteed beautiful photos on high quality paper with a lovely finish. The site will help you print photos, canvas and photo cards.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions about my work!

-Alyssa B.

(Hooray for Day 4 of the 28 Days of Blogging Challenge!)

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