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How Note Taking Has Become a Passion and How You Can Make It Yours Too


When I go to the farm, I sometimes creak open the white door to my old bedroom.

This room does not openly reveal that I was a writer and incessant planner when I was a kid, but that little secret is just behind a few layers of my old things.

Hardly anything hangs on the walls of this little room anymore. A few pieces of my old clothing dangle in the open closet, school binders and projects line the shelving and boxes litter the floor of this little room I found refuge throughout my childhood. Even though there are some minor changes, I like to go and see this time capsule of myself.

There is a photo of me as a high school sophomore duct taped next to a long mirror at the base of my bed. I’m in a purple shirt and a pair of jeans I could never fit into again. I’m wearing a stupid big hat and a smile just as large and I’m standing in the middle of some store. I like to try and remember what that girl was like.

I sometimes find this different Alyssa when my Mom has me go through boxes of my old stuff. Usually every other visit, she will fill a box of my things from that little bedroom and ask me to take my old precious belongings to my new home or leave them in the second “landfill” box.

Every so often, I’ll find an old journal/diary/notebook in these boxes.

Challenge Day 2-2

First of all, I was a major nerd. There is one notebook with cut out photos of Orlando Bloom as Legolas on multiple pages. That same notebook has the lyrics of every hit song Queen ever sang.

Second, I realized that my problems were not problems when I was in middle school. Mostly, they are hilarious. (If any of my old pals are reading this, we were soooo dramatic!)

Third, I liked to write everything down. From school notes to books I like to what 4-H projects I needed to work on. My old massive agendas from high school and college are simply wonderful testaments to how I planned my days and projects.

Challenge Day 2-3

Well, that person is still with me. She now just keeps her notes to no more than two notebooks. One a Moleskine … with the dragon from The Hobbit on it, the other a beautiful Passion Planner I purchased to map out my goals and weekly tasks.

The notebook is for my ideas on photography, business, life and whatever I need. I plan trips in it, jot down little poems, lists, book ideas and much more.

The planner is for my to-do lists, my appointments, projects I need to work on, class work and general tracking of books I’m reading. Mostly it’s a way to break down my goals. Right now I’m focused on fitness, and each day I have something to focus on to make sure I stick to my plan. And dang, does it work.

I like getting things done, and when you write down what you want and put it out there in the world… there just seems to be some kind of magic behind it.

Writing things down is in my soul. It’s good for me to let things out on paper, and I fully believe that with a little practice, you can get there too. If you want to be a planner or a goal setter or someone who writes down things that are happening during your daily life, go get something to write on and carry with you.

Challenge Day 2-1

My Passion Planner goes with me everywhere. My notebook usually stays home, but it’s there when I need it. All you need then is to just start. Write down one thing you’re grateful for. Write down a goal and break it into smaller goals. Write out your grocery list. Write out the drama from yesterday. Write about who you are in love with. Write out a prayer. Write about how pretty the frost is on the window. Just write something. You’ll love yourself for that minute of effort in a few years.

Pro Tip: Get this journal. It is a game changer in terms of journaling.

I know Mom is looking to someday reclaim that little room I lived in for 18 years. I’m also guessing she wants to repaint the dark brown walls and make a more suitable guest bedroom. But for now, I truly enjoy seeing myself as I was and how I’ve kept some of those old traits into the person I am today.

Challenge Day 2-4

Best of luck on your planning and journaling efforts! If you have any other ideas to inspire others, leave a comment! Or if you have questions, ask!

Day Three of 28 is complete for the #28DaysofBlogging Challenge, and I’m so excited to hear about all of your journaling efforts!

-Alyssa B.

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