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A Perfect Fall Photo Session | The Heil Family | Wausau, WI

Today I’m sharing photos I took in the fall of 2017 for the SWEETEST family in Wausau! They showed up to a lovely riverside park early on a Sunday, ready and willing to get in front of my camera.

We trecked through a few wooded trails, found bridges to pose on and basically went on an adventure in the middle of a city.

What I most loved about this family was the willingness of the kids, Rylee and Mason, to suggest different photos for me to take of their family. After just a few minutes of getting used to the snap of the shutter, Mason had an idea to pose just with his Dad! Not long after sweet Rylee asked if she could get a photo of just her and her little bro.

I mean, that is exactly the kind of family I want to work with! We ended up having such a wonderful time talking about how they could all stand together and whether or not they should (jokingly) be holding the many large sticks we found along the riverbed.

Without a laid-back attitude to photo sessions, it can be difficult to achieve the results you and your family might be looking for. With an open mind and a willingness to trust me behind the camera, I can promise you will have some lovely shots to treasure for years.

There seriously is nothing more exciting for me than to just get to know you, learn your story and capture true love and emotion between you and your favorite people. Now, let’s make some photography magic!

Heil Faves (22)

Heil Faves (15)

Heil Faves (13)

Heil Faves (12)

Heil Faves (11)

Heil Faves (10)

Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-2

Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-49

Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-51

Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-5

Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-3

Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-32


Gallery_2017-10-08 Heil Family-29


Happy February 2nd! I’m so happy to be publishing my second blog post of the month, and I’m right on track with the #28DaysOfBloggingChallenge! See yesterday’s post for more deets on why I’m participating!


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