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Jackie’s Branding Session | Downtown Green Bay, WI

Every once in a while, I get to broaden my creativity with my photography work, and the most recent example of this was when I got to hang out with my good friend Jackie. Jackie needed some new headshots and photos for her to use in her business’ brand, so we got together and had some fun with the fantastic buildings in downtown Green Bay.

Through a little bad weather, we were able to laugh for a good hour. We were laughing because Jackie is also a photographer, and she is always taking photos of incredible seniors and families. So imagine getting a photographer in front of a camera. Yeah, it was a blast. We talked about elegant posing,Β I told her when she needed to “smile big” or “look away from me!”

Jackie is my mentor, and so she would pose, I’d shoot and we’d look at the photos right away. She would tell me how I could direct her to make the photo look a little more editorial and flattering. Then I would tell her to “trust me!”

We worked hard to find awesome ways to shoot, and we even found a space with lovely light between two buildings. There may have been giant traffic cones in the background, but we really wanted the shot, so we just went for it.

It was interesting to be shooting another photographer, and my mentor, because I found myself waiting for her direction on where she wanted to stand or how to pose. But it didn’t come until after she saw what was in the camera. Why? Well, whenever someone gets in front of a camera, people get vulnerable.

Very quickly, Jackie was looking to me to tell her how to stand, what to do to her very best. This was such a strange and empowering exchange of roles. Jackie told me she learned more about her shooting style with her clients while learning she could trust someone else to take lovely photos of her. I learned that I should go with my gut in posing and finding the light to pose my clients in.

It was an amazing experience for both of us to learn and grow from one another in just a matter of an hour.

If you are nervous about getting your photo taken or taking photos for someone, you just have to trust. Communication between the two of us was critical in creating these photos, and we couldn’t be happier!

Thank you, Jackie, for taking the leap to trust me with your beautiful smile!

Makeup:Β Krista Lynn Delfosse MUA


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