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27 in 2017 | Wisconsin Farm Photography

20171111_092249.jpgToday is my birthday! I’m now 27-years-old and I still get excited to celebrate my December/Christmas birthday. I got two presents before 6 a.m.: 1) My Mom, Dad, and little brother called me and sang “Happy Birthday” before I got out of bed (I cherish this call every single year) and 2) my wonderful boyfriend, Eli gifted me with a framed watercolor painting of a cow! I love that as a Wisconsin Farm Photographer, I was gifted with singing voices straight from my family farm and another beautiful way to keep my farm close to my heart.

This time of year is so special because along with my bday and Christmas, I get to enjoy time on the farm with a sense of rest (ha!). There is nothing better than to see the big ole red barn coated in snow. And it’s a time for reflection. Looking back and realizing I am truly blessed with this life, there is nothing more humbling.

This year was a big one for me. I really took the opportunity to learn more about photography, business, and agriculture, but I also visited new places, met new people and realized that no matter what, agriculture and farming are essential to my life.

I was truly able to feed my soul with taking photos of agriculture, farmers, and families this year and I cannot wait to start booking sessions with farmers during the upcoming spring planting season!

Wisconsin is my home and that is why I have worked to brand myself as a Wisconsin Farm Photographer. This might seem silly or unnecessary to some people, but as a farmer’s daughter, I absolutely treasure every single photo of my family farm. I love seeing the old photos of my Dad and his Mom milking cows together. Seeing photos of myself in a stroller in the barn blows my mind, but it makes sense if my parents were both working.

I would have never known the Bloechl Homestead Farm actually started with Guernsey cows and after many decades changed to a Holstein herd. Without photos, I wouldn’t have those precious memories of leading my 4-H fair cattle during the Lincoln County Fair.

Over the last two years of owning my “big camera,” I have taken some very intimate and meaningful photos of my parent’s legacy and the legacy of other farmers in Wisconsin that are cherished by their families. I want to continue to tell my story and the story of other farmers in this way.

To illustrate what I’m preaching, take a look at my top 27 Wisconsin Farm Photos of 2017!

I feel that my 27th year will be one of my favorites.

Would you like to document your family farm with heirloom photos and a written history to share with your family, friends and future generations? Contact photographer and writer Alyssa Bloechl for more information at or call at 920-445-8727.

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