How to organize and share your travel photos + Scenes from my latest trips

You went on vacation! You traveled for business! You took your kids for an outing! You took tons of photos! Yay!!

Now what do we do with those photos? How do we show them off?

I have a few ideas for you today about how to start organizing your travel photos, and any general photos you want to share.

To make this work, you’re going to need a few things in your arsenal.

  1. A desire to save/protect/share your photography.
  2. A computer or phone.
  3. File encryption service/cloud drive (depending on your preferences and service of choice).
  4. A bit of time.

Now I will walk you through the exact process I’m literally in the middle of right now to organize a few of my favorite photos from two business trips I took!

I went to Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California for two tradeshows over the last two months (hence my blog absence) and since this was the first time I’ve ever been to these locations, I want toย share some of my photos.

Keep in mind that I took a few photos on my phone and a few on my DSLR camera. All of my phone photos are automatically uploaded to Google Photos/Drive, so I can access and download them from my computer or phone whenever I want. Additionally, it allows me to save space on my phone. All of my DSLR shots were uploaded to my computer and saved onto an external hard drive I purchased.

Steps to Organize your Travel Photos:

  1. Create a file on your computer/phone/hard drive/cloud service indicating the trip/event with the month and year listed. Example: Las Vegas April 2016
  2. Inside that file create a folder for “Originals” and “Favorites.” (I create an “Originals” folder to store my “unedited photos.” This is optional if you don’t feel the need.)
  3. Go through your phone photos and saveย your best shots into the “Favorites” folder on your drive/computer.
  4. If you did any editing, save your final edited photos into “Favorites.”
  5. Sift through your “Favorites” folder and pick out the ones you want to share on social media or print out for an album and framing. By culling out the favorites, you’re narrowing down to your absolute top photos, which can save you time uploading and a few dollars at the printer.
  6. If you share on social, I suggest creating a new album with a name and description of your photos.
  7. For printed files, when you have them in hand, put them in your frames or organized into labeled albums or special boxes. Tip: Place tickets, napkins or other mementos you brought home in the album/box with your photos.

Now you can share your trips with family and friends or go look through your travels whenever feeling the pull of wanderlust!

Here are a few shots I took while out of state in April and May!

There are other ways to save your photos, like on CDs, flash drives or encryption services. As you determine how you want your photos saved, be sure to do your research and find the best options for you!

This is supposed to be fun, so if this post is stressing you out, it’s theย exact opposite reaction I’m looking for. Enjoy your photos however you like, and keep in mind that you took them for a reason. Don’t let that reason get buried in an endless storage device or in a shoe box in your attic.

Let me know if you have any systems in place, I’d love to hear other perspectives! AND tell me about your vacations!

Happy travels!

-Alyssa B.

**Disclaimer: You do not have to use the products/services for sharing/storing/encrypting your photos I discuss in this post. I am not affiliated with any of these companies/products. This blog is simply my opinion for what I find works for me, and it may not work for you.




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