Winter is not over. And that’s OK.

As much as we here in Wisconsin are oh-so-OVER winter, especially since it literally was 60 degrees for a week and the grass was growing again.

Let’s look at the positives of winter’s quick return.

  1. The sun really does exist, it’s not a myth.
  2. Winter came back around to being more typical.Β It is February, not the end of March when snow melt is a little more normal. Think of this warm snap in comparison to when you put on a shirt everyone else looks good in, but it doesn’t look so hot on you. Wisconsin has it’s go-to sweater back on.
  3. For those of you who are farmers, you can keep the plows in storage for a few more weeks.
  4. AND, it’s still acceptable to eat the leftover Christmas sweets.

Mother Nature gave us one last push of snow, which, as listed above isn’t all bad, and it’s REALLY good for taking awesome winter family photos. Taking photos of your kids or dog or even your cat in the snow is awesome.

You won’t get photos as natural and casual any other time of year! Once everyone gets to playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, sliding on the ice, the photos take themselves.

Take a peak at one of my favorite family shoots from this winter season! Much love to Maya and little Rocky for being so much fun and so full of life!

Get out and get photos of your loved ones before the snow is gone! Trust me.

Photos taken at Green Bay’s Pamperin Park.

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