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Photographing My Grandma

It’s not every day that your beloved Grandmother agrees to you taking her photo, but when she does, you go all in.

I coordinated to have a little photo shoot with my Grandma, Joanie, when I was visiting my parent’s place a few months ago, and I wasn’t surprised when she was one of the best subjects I’ve ever had.

With her permission, today I’m honored to be sharing with you some of my favorite photos in the whole world.

Considering we couldn’t go traversing through the woods or fields, we decided to just have her sit and stand in front of the family farm. This farm was and is a big part of her life, so I wanted to have some pretty photos of her in front of it. It’s my all time favorite venue, and you can expect to see a lot of photos of it on this dear blog.

She even got a visit during the shoot from the big farm dog that probably weighs more than her. With very little prompting, she just was herself, which is honestly the most I could ever ask for when photographing people. She laughed, she smiled, she tried – tried- to be serious. It was everything a fiction novel aspires to be.

My Godfather, her youngest son, came to help by talking to her, joking with her and holding her cane, which was super fun to have him included in the process. I’m so lucky to have the wonderful family I do, because they let me endlessly photograph them.

I hope you enjoy this, and I hope it inspires you to take beautiful photos of your grandparents too! If you already have some, please share them with me, I’d love to see!

-Alyssa B.

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