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Almost a photo a day.

What a week! It has been so full, as I’m sure yours has been too. If you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate you just sticking with me for a few more words, and I’ll treat you with photos!

As I told you last week, this year I’m really working on learning as much as possible about photography and to get increasingly better at my work through a photo challenge. Along with posting photos that meet the challenge requirements, I also have been working to take photos of different things each and every day.

I still miss days, which doesn’t make sense. But you know, I have to take the camera out, turn it on, find something to photograph… I can just pick up the camera, right? Well, habits take dedication, and I think I can make a photo a day happen with more work.

Today I want to share a five day spread of photos I took last week and why. You’ll notice there are only four photos. Can you guess why?

Early morning bestie shot.

This was taken early in the morning while my sweet friend was brushing her teeth. This woman flew all the way from Florida and drove over a state’s worth of ice infested roads to reach me here in Green Bay. She stayed over on a Monday night to watch the new Tarzan and The Force Awakens and to drink wine and boys, life and all the things high school friends need to catch up on. I was going to do a fun shoot with her, but we ran out of daylight and time, so I got to experiment with low light and mirrors. Abi, your’re a rockstar. Love you for letting me take photos of you still in your pajamas.

Work related flat lay.

Flat lay? Wut? Well, this is for a work project, which I hope you’ll see on an Instagram account near you someday soon! These things are not as easy to style as you’d think. Basically, find stuff that kind of matches, lay it on a white paper and photograph it from the top. (I could use some pointers on this kind of photo.)

Bone crusher.

My puppy was trying to destroy all of her toys one evening after work. She would NOT sit still or stay out of the coffee table’s shadow. She proved a challenge to any photographer.

Fog was my latest opponent on the other side of the lens. 

I went to a local Women’s March here in Wisconsin for exactly the reason above. I want to see kindness erupt in this world! The day was shrouded in fog, so I had a little extra post processing to do. Hello “dehaze tool!” Also, ice. It tried to bring me down countless times!

Be there low light, direct sun, fog or just shadows, photos are worth being taken. We need to learn about how to make our crafts better and better with trial and error. No one said this would be easy, no matter what it is we do.

I know I need to not let the guilt of missing a day or two or three not hinder me from continuing onward.

What things are you working on in your life to improve? What steps are you taking to meet your goals? Please share!

-Alyssa B.



  • Alycia

    I am working on building my own business! The lack of internet at home is the major hurdle holding me back right now, but stepping out of my comfort zone is coming in as a close second. I’ve been reading more about how others have had success and started getting more organized at home (it’s really easy at work…almost crucial, but at home…not so much). Thanks for the fun read 🙂

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