3 Quick Photo Edits For Your Phone

OK, let’s be real. Many of us are working hard on learning about how to work our photos to create a perfectly curated Instagram roll, Facebook album or click-enticing, Pinterest-worthy stunner.

But I’m just not that person. I’m rather random with what I post, and I’m good with that for now. That said, I have picked up a few photography editing basics that have brought my photos from “meh” to “love!”

I’ll show you examples with photos all taken by my cellphone.

First, let’s talk photo composition. The rule of thirds is an unofficial rule photographers like to use to tell stories with their photos.

Basically, break your photo up into a 3×3 grid and using the grid lines, line up your subject along the lines and intersections of those lines, and boom, rule of thirds.

Rule of Thirds

Here’s an example of my own making, but there are TONS of beautiful examples out there. (This site  will break it down.) The goal is to create an interesting shot, with the intent of drawing the viewer’s eye where you want them to look.

*TIP: On landscape pics, line up the horizon to one one of the horizontal lines for the best look!

Second is exposure. Lighten up those shadows! As you can see below, the face of my adorable little puppy pops a lot more in the after photo.

Most photo editing apps offer brightening features, so take advantage!

*TIP: On the after photo, I used a little extra focus editing (tilt shift) around the dog so I didn’t have to crop out the grasses, which I think help give this photo extra context.

Third, I know we all love to crop our photos, and since Instagram essentially demands it, I would err on the side of caution of chopping up your pics.

For full-length portraits, never crop at the joints (ankles, knees, wrists, elbows or hips), otherwise it can look like your limbs go on forever. In my opinion, it also makes us look a little less flattering.

If you want a crop go for the upper thigh and calf areas on the legs.

*TIP: I did use a little vignette  around the corners and red saturation boost to the barn boards to make them pop.

I truly hope this helps you have some things to think about when doing those quick edits on your phone!

If you have more questions, please get in touch via my contact page!

Have a great week!

-Alyssa B.

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